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A young woman wake’s up in a dream about tomorrow. She flies till gravity hits her.

Une jeune femme se réveille dans un rêve de demain. Elle vole dans la nature. Jusqu’à être aspirée par un monde où règne la gravité. Où on l’oblige à mettre les pieds sur terre. Les gens qui l’entourent se ressemblent tous…

Music : “Tasty City”
by Rone


the film was shot in 2011.
we started the project spontaneously in february in burkina faso and two shots from there even survived over the process. we continued to shoot additional scenes at the north sea cost without still knowing all of the story we would be telling at the end. then in hamburg we shot most of the scenes and finished it in brussels in july.

all in all i would say:
round about 7 days of shooting.
lots of nice shots we didn’t put in the final editing 😉
shot on canon eos 5d mkII with older nikon prime lenses.
35mm 1.4 // 50mm 1.2 // 85mm 1.4 // 105mm 1.8
all pics are manually shot single photos in sraw2 format.

by Filip Piskorzynski

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