Welcome to #laptoptag, one of Vimeo’s latest community media projects.

On 01/02/2012 we invited Vimeo users from all over the World to submit videos to our latest viral campaign #laptoptag.



Created by proof.is

Welcome to #laptoptag, one of Vimeo’s latest community media projects.

On 01/02/2012 we invited Vimeo users from all over the World to submit videos to our latest viral campaign #laptoptag.

All you had to do to take part was simply record a ‘video tag’ of yourself opening your laptop which ended with you pushing the lid all the way back.

For a better idea of what we mean, then watch this video:

On 03/02/2012 our friends at Vimeo HQ released #laptoptag to the World as their latest Weekend Project and the viral really took off.

People soon submitted tags from far and wide, from countries including: the UK, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, D. Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ireland, Turkey, Ghana and more.

However for Proof the project still continues, as we add more and more submissions to the chain in an attempt to cover every country on Earth.

To take part, join the group and get stuck in vimeo.com/groups/laptoptag

Thank you to everybody who’s helped and thank you to our buddies at Vimeo for their support!

Music by Proof’s very own Ryan West.

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Zhang Kai

La confusa y a la vez genial obra del joven artista Zhang Kai que parte de una base muy muy clásica, altamente inspirada por Vermeer, y le incorpora cabezas de gatos o conejos a los personajes retratados para reinventar una surreal pintura barroca.


Modern remains by Takeuchi Kouzo.

Fju by Kaschkasch Cologne

Is a wallmounted and foldable desk. When folded down it serves as a small workspace. Folded up Fju changes it‘s appearence and transforms into a spacesaving storage shelf.

Xiaofei Yue

Las eróticas ilustraciones de la artista china Xiaofei Yue.

Sara Andreasson

Las coloridas ilustraciones de Sara Andreasson.

AXEL stool

Driven by the constantly changing relationship between humans and objects, Axel stool is an exploration in functional and emotional correlation. The stool is reminiscent of the past, and the materials that allow its creation, but with concepts focused on the future of design and interaction. Natural ash wood is blended with the unbreakable industrial feeling of metal, held by a single driven wedge. Axel draws its visual language from traditional working tools – including the one needed to put it together – instilling through its simple gestures, a deeper connection between users and artifact.

Zach Meyer

Zach Meyer is an Illustrator working out of New York CIty; his work has appeared in The New York Times, Juxtapoz, Playboy, and internationally in Popshot Magazine, He currently resides in Brooklyn, with an interest in drawing and storytelling.

May Von Krogh

Las enigmáticas esculturas de May Von Krogh.

Ascânio MMM

La obra geométrica del escultor Ascânio MMM.

i/o by ::vtol::

ASCII art typewriter selfie machine.

Vézère by Guillaume Delvigne

Kitchen ustensils in natural wood and composite material by Guillaume Delvigne.

Sau Poler . ‘Juun’

Music video produced and directed by Joan Guasch.

Mernet Larsen

Los personajes geométricos pintados por el artista Mernet Larsen.

Electronic Items

3D isometric animations of 90’s electronic items by Guillaume Kurkdjian.

OP-vase by Bilge Nur Saltik

OP-vase is a new series of vases designed by Bilge Nur Saltik. Nur aims to create a bouquet from a single flower. Glass shield causes a illusion and creates a kaleidoscopic effect. The thick glass pieces hand crafted in İstanbul and cut by hand to have the precise corners. Each piece has a unique pattern of cuts. When viewed in different angles a single flower dissolve in to a bouquet.

Eun-Ha Paek

Las geniales figuras de cerámica de la artista coreana Eun-Ha Paek.


GRID is a piece for everyday life with a modular seat that can be composed differently to ensure comfort and that can be adapt to small or vast rooms as well as the sitter.

J’ai rencontré la femme de mes rêves

I met the girl of my dreams. A love history of a normal man that feels alone and dreams about the perfect company. By Carlin Diaz.

Touch by Kwangho Lee

Las asombrosas pinturas hiperrealistas de la colección “Touch” del artista coreano Kwangho Lee.

Flying cars

Los coches voladores creados por Sylvain VIAU.

Karin Hagen

Las maravillosas figuritas de cerámica hechas por Karin Hagen.

Karel Funk

Las peculiares pinturas del artista Karel Funk y sus abrigados modelos de espaldas.

Flyte . Levitating Light

FLYTE is a levitating light, which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air.

Xiao Hanqiu

El curioso arte surrealista de la artista china Xiao Hanqiu.

The Birth of Saké

The Birth of Saké is a documentary film about the workers and production seasons at Tedorigawa, a fifth-generation, family-owned sake brewery in Ishikawa, Japan. Tedorigawa has been producing some of the world’s top award winning sakés since 1870, and still relies on time-honored techniques to hand craft sake in a traditional way.

Lek Chan

Las preciosas chicas “recortadas” de Lek Chan y lo genial que es poder ver el proceso de creación de estas bonitas ilustraciones digitales. Espectacular.

Sam Chirnside

Sam is an Australian born graphic artist, working between New York City and Melbourne. Informed by the notion of altered states of consciousness, Sam’s work is an exercise in contradictions of order and incomprehension; Collage elements, oil-like pastel distortions, optical illusions and esoteric iconography contrast with a balanced composition.


ROAR is a supernatural drama about generational bonds and disconnects. It is a grounded take on the superhero genre, told through real themes and experiences. It explores the commitments of a family divided by age and pride, who are brought together to fulfill a promise made many years ago. Roar is a film about people with extraordinary powers. Powers they spend their lives battling to control and which ultimately consumer them.


Eterno es con diferencia uno de los tatuadores actuales más potente, original y técnicamente brutal que podemos encontrar. Y lo reconozco, estoy absolutamente enamorado de todo lo que hace.

Progress Before Perfection

365 everyday project. Experimental 3D artworks by Joey Camacho.