Dave Hakkens

by 28 marzo 2012

Ahora quiero dedicarme toda mi vida a dibujar tazas. Mañana ya querré otra cosa.

A lot of products are thrown away too quickly; we’re not attached to it. We buy new things when old things are broken, or even worse; when we just don’t like them anymore. Lieke and I believe this is a real waste. You should love your products and enjoy them when you use them. We wanted to make something so special and so unique, you will never ever think about throwing it away. Something you will enjoy using every day, something that will become your very own product.

We both drink a lot of tea and we found ourselves refilling our glasses and mugs far too often. We therefore created an enormous tea mug, completely handmade out of ceramic and personally illustrated by Lieke. You tell her what you want on the mug and she will illustrate one especially for you!

This mug is perfect for tea lovers, but also great for cereal or soup. It will make a fantastic gift for friends and family, especially because it is so personal.

More information:
– Each mug takes us 5 hours of work
– The whole process of making, drying, baking, drawing and packing takes 12 days.
– The mug is baked twice at very high temperature which makes it dishwasher proof.
– It’s not stackable
– Contains 0.8 liter
– Every mug is numbered
– Your Big Tea Mug costs 45 euro
– Every mug is illustrated by Liekeland with your personal things on it
– More images and information can be found on liekeland.nl (in dutch)

by Dave Hakkens

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