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A place to ‘nest’ at ease.

Ichiro-iro is a series of furniture designed for the decorative plywood maker Ichiro. Ichiro creates in-house blends for the paints used in its polyester plywood, demonstrating a consistent dedication to supplying the right color that involves a willingness to custom-tint even single sheets.

The concept for the ichiro-iro series is that of ‘tools for the real you’ – ‘iro’ being the Esperanto* word for ‘tool’. The first items in the series are the koloro-desk and koloro-stool. ‘Koloro’ is also an Esperanto word, meaning color, and the koloro pieces have been designed to make optimum use of the vibrant polyester decorative plywood at which Ichiro excels.

“koloro-desk – a place to ‘nest’ at ease”

The koloro-desk has windows at various locations, opening to give a more open, accessible feel and when closed creating a small private room where no one can disturb you. Lighting and potted plants can be added, and there are windows for displaying the occasional ornament, hooks for bags, and a cord manager allowing PC use. Arrange the koloro-desk to make a study for Dad, a play area for a child, a hobby space or whatever you would like it to be.

“koloro-stool – complete with storage capacity”

Designed to complement the koloro-desk, the koloro-stool is shaped like a vaulting horse, and under the soft cushioned seat is a box for storing toys and other small miscellaneous items.

* Esperanto was devised as a common international language allowing people all over the world to communicate more easily.

Principle use: PRODUCT

Production: Ichiro

Credit: Production collaboration: INOUE INDUSTRIES

Material: koloro-desk: polyester plywood(base material: lauan plywood), Japanese ash / koloro-stool: lauan plywood, Japanese ash, fabric

Design period: 2011.02-2012.02

Production period: 2012.01-03

Photo: Akihiro Ito

Website: http://www.ichirodesign.jp

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