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by 25 marzo 2012

Romper con lo tradicional y jugar con el error o jugar con lo tradicional y romper con el error? Da igual, son de las cosas que más me gustan últimamente, si encima lo sumamos a las siempre preciosas alfombras persas, que tenemos? Una necesidad brutal de comprar sin tener suficiente dinero. Genial.

For many years I had the idea to do something with traditional oriental carpets.

I have an antique persian carpet at my home, which I still find the best carpets to have. The idea behind the carpet was to build a bridge between the old and the new, east meets west. From this starting point, I looked at various ways to give a reinterpretation.

I came up with the idea to stretch the carpet at a certain point. I found out it’s very important where to start the stretching. On the traditional side I kept the fringes, on the contemporary side I made a clear cut.
Richard Hutten

by Richard Hutten


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