What is Curation?

by 20 marzo 2012

Por fin mis padres entenderán con este vídeo que es ser curator? Ahora no quiero ver a nadie soltando lo de “ah, pero si eso lo puede hacer cualquiera!…” que SALTO! Avisados.

Alguien necesita un curator en la sala??
Ya sabéis, contact us.

This is the first in a series of videos explaining the shifts we’re seeing in the world of content creation. Curation has exploded with the growth of Twitter, Tumblr and now Pinterest. In this video, we wanted to try to get into the heads of some of our favorite curators to understand what makes them tick.

Featured curators include:
Maria Popova (twitter.com/brainpicker)
Joanne McNeil (twitter.com/rhizomedotorg)
Peter Hopkins (twitter.com/bigthink)
Edith Zimmerman (thehairpin.com/)
Anthony De Rosa (soupsoup.tumblr.com)
Rex Sorgatz (twitter.com/fimoculous)
Piers Fawkes (psfk.com)
Tina Roth Eisenberg (swiss-miss.com)

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