Audio visual light canvas installation that explores depth / perspective & illusions of perception.

Like the title of the installation describes – this is a representation of the next step in human evolution – We call this ‘Innovates’ – People who try to innovate and create new paths and opportunities. With this installation Konstruktiv tries to inspire the audience with thoughts about their own perspectives and possibilities in life and about themselves as humans living in 2012.




Director: Jean-Michel Verbeeck
Sound Design Installation: Jean-Philippe Verbeeck
Camera: Jean-Michel Verbeeck
Soundtrack video: Kangding Ray

Presented at:

-Fiber Festival 2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands
-Bleed Graphic Design Festival 2012 Ghent, Belgium

Software used: Maxon Cinema 4D / Adobe After Effects / Adobe Illustrator / Ableton Live / Madmapper





vía Co.Design





Lo grotesco y lo colorido se junta en las ilustraciones de Pierre Schmidt, aka drømsjel.

Emory Douglas — The Art of The Black Panthers

Emory Douglas was the Revolutionary Artist and Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party. He used his art as a weapon in the Black Panther Party’s struggle for civil rights and today Emory continues to give a voice to the voiceless. His art and what The Panthers fought for are still as relevant as ever.

Johan Barrios

Grafito, acuarela y óleo es lo que ha usado el artista colombiano Johan Barrios para crear su última colección llamada Ejercicios de Ruptura.

Julien Mier & Magical Mistakes — Divide, Multiply

Official music video for Julien Mier & Magical Mistakes directed by Keita Onishi.

Do Ho Suh ⏤ Perfect Home

Korean artist Do Ho Suh draws attention to the ways viewers occupy and inhabit public space. Interested in the malleability of space in both its physical and metaphorical manifestations, Suh constructs site-specific installations that question the boundaries of identity. His work explores the relation between individuality, collectivity and anonymity. This film shows some of Suh’s artworks displayed in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. The exhibition was titled PERFECT HOME.


Fasted by Studio Dessuant Bone

La preciosa vajilla “no funcional” de la cual solamente vemos su volumen. Creada por el Studio Dessuant Bone.

Intertidal Deployment Objects 2

Bonitos y originales jarrones-boya que mezclan partes de cerámica con acabados normales con otras que han pasado sumergidas bajo el mar un buen tiempo y así se le han pegado unos cuantos balánidos. By Something Like This Design.


La Fresca Chair

Una silla con acento andaluz diseñada por Damián López de Leblume y Granada Barrero Studio.


Las paredes pintadas por la artista Hyuro a modo de lienzo, son como el reflejo de un bonito universo muy personal, poéticamente extraño e inquietante.

Marbled / Stools by ADG design

Harsh and rigorous looking stools made of plywood are matched with a cushion that looks like granite, but is actually a conglomeration of soft polyurethane that perfectly simulates the stone. Only when sitting down on them will you discover that an uncomfortable-looking object may hide a comfortable and welcoming nature.

Marbled Collection is not what it seems at first glance, Davide G. Aquini deliberately lies in order to awaken a deep emotional response.


Los originales murales pintados por el artista hawaiano Sean Yoro, aka Hula, sobre paredes rodeadas de agua produciendo un efecto genial de realismo extra en sus musas gracias al reflejo que se produce.

Chaise Anatomique

A project by Pauline KrierAnouk Cazin.

Kim Michey

Una tatuadora de esas tan especiales y distintas que nos gustan en Artnau, la coreana Kim Michey.

I’m a Piece of Garbage

Hand painted objects by Dirty Bandits.


Lo descomunales que son los murales del artista Aryz no es simplemente por su tamaño, de por si gigantesco, sino por lo buenos que son en técnica, originalidad, el uso del color y el estilo propio creado. Todo me parece simplemente colosal.

King Sophie’s World

King Sophie’s World is a treasure island full of one-of-a-kind hand embroidered sequin patches for DIY jackets and clothing embellishment.

Alexey Kondakov

Alexey Kondakov ha “fotografiado” a los protagonistas de algunas pinturas clásicas se han cansado de estar siempre en el mismo sitio y han salido a dar un paseo por la ciudad.

Lola Dupré

Lola Dupré es sin duda una de mis artistas del collage preferidas y en su última colección para la magazine Vein sigue sorprendiendo pieza a pieza.

“PomPom Mirror” by Daniel Rozin

La última instalación interactiva de Daniel Rozin y sus ya famosos espejos mecánicos. Esta vez lo ha hecho con pompones blancos y negros. El efecto es totalmente hipnotizante.

Axel Void

Axel Void lleva los murales callejeros a otro nivel. A uno muy bestia, brutal.

Rebecca Green

Las preciosas ilustraciones de la artista americana Rebecca Green.

Jim Bachor

El artista del mosaico Jim Bachor se dedica a arreglar/rellenar/decorar con su obra los agujeros que se encuentra en el pavimento de algunas ciudades.


Pocas cosas hay más bonitas a la vez que sencillas que los tiestos by Matagalán.

Pan Xun

Las preciosas y viejas bicicletas retratadas magistralmente por el artista chino Pan Xun.

Adult Swim I-dents

El estudio de animación londinense Treat Studios ha creado unas divertidas y sangrientas cortinillas para la cadena de televisión Adult Swim.

Monogrenade — Le Fantôme

A music film by Kristof Brandl and shot by Christophe Collette that questions our perception of reality and memory. Ghostly and compelling images draw the viewer into a conflict that repeats itself. After losing everything, material possessions, love, and perhaps even sanity, a robot injects the male character with a futuristic drug that lets him re-live precious moments that once made him feel alive. Traveling back to memories frozen in time, our character wishes to make the past his future.

Shinri Tezuka

Shinri Tezuka esculpe espectaculares caramelos en forma de animales.

All Things Fall

3D printed zoetrope by Mat Collishaw. Based on “Massacre of the innocent” painting by Rubens.


Hannah, la chica que está detrás de Hanecdote, es una verdadera artistaza del bordado.

Beyond Tellerrand

Opening titles for Beyond Tellerrand held in Düsseldorf, Germany in May 2015. A meeting place for design, technology and inspiration. By Device.