TOUCHY, a Human Camera

by 27 abril 2012

Touchy is a human camera, who is blinded constantly until someone’s touch enables the opening of the automated shutters. While a continuous physical contact is maintained between Touchy and a user, the camera shoots a photo every 10 seconds.

Video Credits

Director: Eric Siu
Cast: Hikaru Shimada, Eric Siu
Cameraman: William Tang
Production Assistant: Tomohiko Hayakawa and Shion Fujiwara
Editor: Eric Siu
Music: Dr Usui
Special Thanks Yanyan Mak, Akira Reynolds, Carson Reynolds and Yoshiko Reynolds

Project Credits

Eric Siu

Hardware and Software Development
Tomohiko Hayakawa and Eric Siu

Touch Sensor Design
Tomohiko Hayakawa and Carson Reynolds

Project Adviser
Novmichi Tosa @ Maywa Denki

Project Assistant
Shion Fujiwara

Motor Provider
Koshin Denki Kogyo Co. LTD

Special Thanks to
Alvaro Cassinelli
Tomoko Hayashi
Takeoka Hideki
Sylwia Kunicka
Joel Kwong
Charles Ngan
Sam Ngan
My Family

This project is in collaboration with
Ishikawa Oku Laboratory @ the University of Tokyo.

© 2012 Eric Siu All right reserved

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