‘Arthur Animated’ by Jo Hamilton Art

by 28 mayo 2012

Hacer retratos es difícil y hacerlos bien más, pero pretender hacerlos con gracia y aportando algo distinto o crear un estilo propio lo es mucho, mucho más. Pues a todo esto, suma el hacerlos en ganchillo. ¿Alguien da más?

This is a stop motion video I made to document my process of crocheting one of my larger than life portraits in yarn from start to finish. In my work I use a traditional basic crochet technique taught to me at an early age by my Gran. I work one knot at a time, from the inside out, row by row. I always begin my crochet portraits in the middle with the eyes and work out from there until the piece is completed. I work directly from photographs, using no sketches, graphs or computer imaging. Each piece is handmade, labour-intensive, instinctively composed. Nothing is planned ahead; I make it up as I go along. I spend a lot of time simply looking, unraveling, and reworking until I get it right. To make this video I photographed the work after each new yarn colour or two was added, and edited the photos into a sequence. This 30 second sequence contains over 300 photos of the work in progress. The portrait is of my dear friend Arthur Cheesman, who is sadly no longer with us.

Website johamiltonart.com.

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