Bike hanger # 1

by 9 mayo 2012

Si tienes una bonita bici y un piso/casa con techo alto (te odio ya por ello), aquí tienes tu “cuelga bicis” perfecto. Normalmente estos trastos son feos, sosos y cuando más escondidos estén, mejor. Pues mirad que precioso colgador (¿Percha?) de madera se ha inventado este chico.

The BH #1 is a bike hanger prototype for interiors. This unique furniture use a minimum of space with his hergonomic design and become part of the decoration of the place. The hanger has been thought to be used withour any fixing on the wall, designed like a lader it can be removed at any time.

Made of oak, the hanger reveals a sober design with his pure lines and square angles. The frame is placed on a cork layer to protect your paint.

by Malet Thibaut

Posted by 9 mayo 2012 Decoración Wood