FUEGO #03 – An Ode to Amulets

by 15 mayo 2012

La quiero y aún no sé muy bien por qué no tengo la tercera FUEGO. Tiene fácil solución.


Adrià Cañameras, Ana Dominguez, Aurelién Arbet, Barriobajero, Beatriz de la Guardia, Blanca Miró Skoudy, Claire Duport, Elias Tahan, Elliot Beaumont, Enrique Giner de los Ríos, Hasisi Park, Jérémie Egry, Jonnie Chambers, Miguel Figueroa, Miranda Makaroff, Nacho Alegre, Peter Shuterland, Rachel de Joode, Synchrodogs, Tamara Lorenz.

– – – – –

Fuego Fanzine is the lovechild of Elena Gallén, a self proclaimed perfectionist: Graphic Designer by day, Blood and Blonde Ambition, Ruby Wooer by night. Meanwhile, it’s father, Coke Bartrina is a self proclaimed enthusiast. Gepetto by day, Mustache fiend and photographer by night (and day as well).

In just two issues, Fuego has taken us from the worlds of the paranormal all the way to an addiction to hats. At a time when fanzines roam the world left and right, Fuego stands out for it’s fresh yet fatal attraction to it’s carefully and meticulously curated themes.

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