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¿Jugar a la NES mientras te cortan el pelo? ¿Y comprarte la furgoneta de las Tortugas Ninja al salir con el nuevo look? Quiero ir YA a hacerme las puntas!

Bobby Ågren is nowadays the guy behind this eclectic project, he’s running this shop called Ruben & Bobby, a retro-gaming and toys shop located in Jægersborggade 6, Copenhagen, where you can buy, sell or trade old games from the ’70s ’80s ’90s and in the meantime get a haircut; yes you got it right, Ruben & Bobby is also an air salon.

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”We are back and we are ready to blow your mind with this new Meeting Series Interview we realized couple weeks ago. We really don’t want to spoil anything about it but on the other hand it’s also important that people would be able to know what they’re getting themselves into. What it is sure, is the fact that this video will make you smile, happy, nostalgic and with the urgent need to start digging into old stuff from your childhood you’re probably saving up in the attic.

Watch the video below to get more informations regarding this delightful museum-shop and let Bobby explain to you how he combines the selling and collecting of retro-games with haircuts and the business of an hair salon, the process on the realization of his passions and dreams.”

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