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¿Niñas con longboards? Buh, aburridoooo. ¿Chicas bebedoras de whisky, tatuadas, con horteras chaquetas doradas (Bee Gees powah!) que conducen pequeñas y ruidosas motos con pedales? Así sí.

Swoon and Destroy!
The second official trailer for the upcoming documentary short!

Director: Jason House
Producer: Cesar Vega
Molly Hallam, Andrew Thompson
Featuring: The Gaskettes — Sara G, Devo, Kelly, Sara K, Leslie, Hilary, Carrie and Lan

Meet The Gaskettes, an all girl moped crew from Los Angeles. These are friends who are out to have fun and ride mopeds. The Gaskettes remininsce about how they first got together and the evolution of their crew. All in the name of good times.

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