Sushi Time by StomachLife

by 4 junio 2012

Iba a poner que hoy tenia antojo de sushi, pero… ¿Cuando no tengo antojo de sushi? Si respiraría sushi! Así que no os podéis imaginar como he disfrutado de estos tres vídeos de StomachLife.

His and Hers

In this His and Hers episode Chef Sam prepares sushi fit for a Man and sushi fit for a Woman. He gives his philosophy behind choosing fish like
Hawaiian Tuna and Spanish Mackerel for a man and choosing fish like Halibut and Blue Fin for a Woman.

Basic Etiquette

In this Etiquette episode Chef Sam teaches us how to eat sushi by hand and chopstick. He also teaches us some key Japanese terms for words like
“Sushi Chef, hot towel and soy sauce.

Sushi Slicers

In this episode Chef Sam gives us insight on sushi knives and shows us how to cut sushi with a Nakiri-Bocho, slice sushi with a Yanagi-Bocho and
chop sushi with a Deba-Bocho. He also gives us the scoop of how he orders his knives, which are made from a samurai sword company and can cost
thousands off dollars. is an exploration of creativity through food.

Food inspires Creativity

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