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3D, moda y locuras varias. Me han arreglado el día, el mes y el año con el increíble trabajo que hacen ZEITGUISED.

(los vídeos están ENORMES, pero valen la pena así. Os toca buscar el botoncito de play y poner en pantalla completa el vídeo/Vimeo para disfrutarlos como se merecen. Si os da perrería, os dejo el pack de los 3 vídeos juntos debajo de todo pero hacedme caso y ponerlos uno a uno en “fullscreen”)

Hyper TrophiesMoving still portrait sculptures.

A collaboration with Berlin fashion label Franzius and ProdCo Stink Berlin.
Premiere at the Stink Temporary Gallery during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012.

Direction, Design, Concept, CG: ZEITGUISED

Sound design by Franz Kirmann.
Models: Medea Paffenholz and Kristin Keil wearing Franzius Winter Collection 2012/13
Styling: Franzius
Hair and Makeup: Ewa | nude agency

Exec Producer: Christian “Brox” Brochot

Grading: Das Kombinat

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Are We Hard Yet
Are we art yet?

Remix collaboration project:
ZEITGUISED vs. photographer duo Nick&Chloé.

Nick&Chloe and Zeitguised in a dalliance with erotics, exploring the function of this very intentional form of photography to wreak havoc on our appetites and desires

After realising the mutually assumed superiority of the other side, Nick&Chloe and Zeitguised embraced that idea and turned the collaboration mode into “Nick&Chloe vs. Zeitguised”, with mutually assured destruction. One goal of the exercise is to deconstruct the hierarchies that are cast with the order in which the elements of the photographic images are made. Traditionally the sequence follows: World>model>fashion>lighting>photography>postproduction, with a diminishing role in the production of meaning of the image from beginning to end. This project attempts to create new meanings with every new order of “remixing” the original image, without completely erasing the original meaning, but rather playing and commenting on it through added layers.The other goal is to playfully twist the language of erotic imagery into absurdity by its own seductive means, without collapsing the celebration of the senses.The title, besides the obvious, also winks an eye at the artists showing off a harder edge in their work.

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QCC is an Art series that abstracts comic characters in simulated photographs of surreal sculptures. The sculptures show signs of genetic mutation and nanotechnological manipulation. Grey Goo as the contemporary material for cultural auto-immune diseases.


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