Chris Milk: The Treachery of Sanctuary

by 13 julio 2012

Director Chris Milk is a pioneer of interactive experiences, whether they live on the web like The Wilderness Downtown and Rome: 3 Dreams of Black, or in real life like Arcade Fire’s Coachella 2011 performance Summer Into Dust. Milks’ latest project The Treachery of Sanctuary debuted at The Creators Project: San Francisco 2012 and will be traveling the world to all our 2012 events.

This new piece is a giant triptych that takes viewers through three stages of flight through the use of Kinect controllers and infrared sensors. We spoke with Milk, Creative Director Ben Tricklebank, and the artwork’s programming team to find out how they managed to bring everything together to ultimately allow people to lose themselves for a second.

Chris Milk

The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE:

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