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In honour of the (ahem) Global Sports Days™ which are now getting under way in London, STUDIO AKA is rolling out all 11 of GRANT ORCHARDS original LOVESPORT films.

The series features well known sports such as HIGH-DIVING and BASKETBALL along with all new FENCING, WEIGHTLIFTING, EQUESTRIAN & SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING events, not to mention the ‘complimentary’ sports such as ALL-IN-WRESTLING & SUMO! …We also have some classic winter ‘events’ like SKI JUMPING and er, MOUNTAINEERING in the mix, plus a few wildcards like PING PONG & and the undervalued sport of DOMINOES. But that’s not all… We’ve even included the hitherto less recognised sports of PAINTBALLING & DOG RACING… and if that’s not enough, we also went off on a tangent and made a film about BIG GAME HUNTING! ( Yes… you’ll have to ask Grant about that.)

LOVESPORT VIMEO PORTFOLIO: vimeopro.com/studioaka/lovesport-game-on
See also studioaka.co.uk/#/work-lovesportgameon
Director Grant Orchard
Produced by STUDIO AKA

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