Mad Cow . Samuel Ben Shalom for Talents Design

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Y a quién no se le pasa por la cabeza cuando diseña un sofá, juntar burbujas gigantes con patas de vaca. De lo más normal del mundo, claro.

No, muy normal no es y solo a un diseñador como Samuel Ben Shalom, podía diseñar algo así. Estas son las locuras que gustan aquí y aunque no se muy bien donde la pondría, si pudiera la compraba sin dudarlo.

The new baroque Mad Cow Armchair, designed by Samuel Ben Shalom is a fantastic combination of fantasy and realety. Designed for Talents Design gallery, and first revealed at the  Milan Design Fair held at the prestigious Spazio Rossana Orlandi, the Mad Cow was from its first moment an iconic piece.

This mixture of semi-organic hybrid shapes melts into a functional structure that has recently been featured on the new ‘Lonely Lisa’ video-clip by French superstar Mylene Farmer.

Designer Ben Shalom art-directed a uniquely aesthetic video clip – seen on MTV Europe.

The Mad Cow’s exterior finishing is a highly glossy car paint, topping a fiberglass and resin base.

Due to its bubbly surface, the Mad Cow creates a multiple reflection effect.

Item // Mad Cow   –   armchair
Designer // Samuel Ben Shalom for Talents Design

Measurements (CM) // L : 135 cm /  W : 110 cm / H : 95 cm
Measurements (Inches) // L: 53 Inch / W: 43.3  Inch / H: 37.4 Inch/
Materials // Layered fiber-Glass, resin coating, glossy car paint finish
Finish // White/black/specific color – made to order

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