Si Chan . Hug Me

by 2 agosto 2012

A small mens collection for Fall/Winter 2012-2013 which makes use of series of hand movement especially hug to express how the (dis) connection between people to people and the loneliness.

Photography: Sara Pista

Some keywords have become the main points of my collection. “Hugs”, “Communication”, “Interesting”, “Fun”, “flourishing”, “a bit implication of sex”, “comfort”, “to be protected”, “to be surrounded”, ‘to cherish” “warmth”, “memory”, “happiness”, “childhood”, “lifetime”, ”Let go”, etc. I will keep using “hands” to be the key point of the collection. Interaction and communication are the action to express love and depart from loneliness between human beings. “Hands” are very figurative object to express this abstract idea. Moreover, I am going to make this small collection develops like a short story of life. The 6 outfits represent their own story and meaning respectively.

In order to make people feel warm and hugged, some of the clothes would be padding and the hands (gloves) would be adding wad to make it looks puffy as childish soft toys. Some pieces are also to keep repeating a certain part (For example, sleeves) to make people feeling full and not alone or enlarge the scale by magnifying a certain part on clothes, which makes people feel a sense of relief.

Everybody needs love, Don’t you?

Si Chan
Hug Me

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