The Astral Plane featuring Dree Hemingway

by 29 agosto 2012

MANIAMANIA explore other dimensions from planet earth for their new collection ‘The Astral Plane’. Inspiration is drawn from the warped symbols and telepathic visions experienced by dreamers and astral travellers. Homage is paid to advocates of psychic and spiritual development such as The Theosophical Society established by Helena Blavatsky in 1875 and psychologist and dream analyst Carl Jung.

For ‘The Astral Plane’ fantasy moods and divine wisdom mesh with the sensual styles and nature icons of the 1960s Art Nouveau revival. In pursuit of other dimensions MANIAMANIA decorate new regions of the body with dream-like pieces in silver, brass, grey chalcedony, agate, turquiose and clear quartz.

Art Nouveau flowers, snakes and skulls adorn the pieces, with a new dreamy incarnation of the Immortals and Eternal rings, as well as new additions – a selection of upper finger rings and ear studs in the ‘Telepathic’ range. The ‘Ascension’ headpiece sites the ‘silver cord’ that connects the astral body with the physical body at the centre of the forehead. The warbling typography and psychedelic poster art of Bill Graham and Bonnie Maclean inform the “Apparition”story and the ‘Love’ square cocktail ring, while The Modern Lovers lyrics, “Meet me on the Astral Plane” feature on the ‘Be Here Now’ and “Astral Plane” signet rings. MANIAMANIA re-offers the best selling classic chain mail bracelet again this season, along with other chain mail pieces, this time in the form of opulent neckpieces and headpieces in the ‘Transcendene’ and ‘Phenomenon’ story. The Vortex neckpiece re-introduced this time in a silver colourway, and in another incarnation with a majeistic oversized tassel pendant in the “Cosmos’ story. Muse Dree Hemingway collaborates with MANIAMANIA in this collection with the Limited Edition ‘Dree’ Eternal Ring, a brass molten form with a rough turquoise stone. Each piece in ‘The Astral Plane’ collection are covetable out-of-body souvenirs that celebrate inter-dimensional possibilities while living in the material world.

A film and campaign featuring model and muse Dree Hemingway, by photographers and film makers David Mandelberg and Alice Wesley-Smith is an homage to Jean Cocteau’s Orpheus and is a step into an alternative universe, a meeting on the astral plane, a glitch in time.

Music by Sun Araw.


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