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Coggles has met and photographed over 1000 people for Coggles street style and now presents a series of films exploring the lives of some of these people.

Tells the story of an aspiring tattoo artist from Denmark
who was taught to draw by her father from upside down pictures in Playboy.

Tells the story of a freelance menswear designer and DJ
with a show on East London’s independent radio project, NTS Live.

Tells the story of a food stylist and chef who runs
a secret supper club from his flat in Brixton, London.

Tells the story of an Irish improv actress inspired
by the spirit of the beat generation.

Tells the story of a Central St Martins student whose work
is inspired by the duality of the life of Jean Michel Basquait.

Coggles is the world of design and creativity, music, books, and the people behind the scenes, the people who create and are passionate about what surrounds them, the quality of simple design.

It’s about the clothes you choose to wear, the bike you ride to work, the book you read in bed, your favourite chair at home, the world that you design to live in.

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