Daily Poetry . Toys for contemplation

by 6 septiembre 2012

No todos los juguetes para adultos han de ser sexuales. Aquí tenéis el ejemplo con estos delicados y preciosos juguetes de cristal soplado hechos por Ingrid Hulskamp, que nos intentan transportar a nuestra niñez.

To pursue time for daily contemplation in an intuitive way, I have developed a series of contemplative toys for adults. The luxurious objects, made from hand-blown glass, remind us of the candid fun we had as a child, when we were able to fully get caught up in the moment.

In order for the toys to catch our attention and create a poetic moment in time, I have created three different sensory experiences: a tactile experience using hand-blown glass, wood, brass plated gold and textiles; a visual experience using coloured pigments that transform when you start playing with the object; a sonic experience through the movement of water and glass balls.

MA Textile Futures graduation project by Ingrid Hulskamp

Video by Arnout Hulskamp

vía Ingrid Hulskamp

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