Made of Imagination

by 14 septiembre 2012

Made of Imagination is a four part web series created for MTV and Sony Xperia, produced in collaboration with global arts and creativity blog

The project aims to highlight the creativity of a select group of musicians known for their individual sound and aesthetic by documenting their response to our challenge: reimagine a song using unique and remarkable instrumentation. It’s their music, made of imagination.

This episode features Rolling Stone-discovered rockers The Sheepdogs totally reimagine their track “The Way It Is” with award-winning Afro Cuban pianist Hilario Duran and drummer Reimundo Sosa. The recording takes place at hidden gem Poetry Jazz Cafe in Toronto.

This episode features Montreal’s Little Scream reinvent her song “Canons” with the help of sound designers Lo and Joseph and circuit benders from Toronto’s InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center.

This episode features artist Rich Aucoin breaking apart his song “It” and piecing it back together with the help of junk instrument artist Iner Souster. The recording takes place at Rich’s practice space in Toronto, and ends at Hillside Festival in Guelph, Ontario.


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