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MIDI-flute that can be programmed to whatever the user desires.

(Vídeo, segundo 20. Necesito urgentemente ese muestrario/álbum de maderas!! Babeando y muriéndome de envidia estoy)

FLUTE and FILM MAKER: Stian Korntved Ruud
MUSIC and ON FLUTE: John Ch. Ferner Apalnes
ON DRUMS: Kristofer Staxrud

The IO (interacting object) project deals with tactile interaction between human and computers in creative processes. Majority of the current digital instruments are manufactured in such way that they lose the great tactile feeling that is inherently in a well built acoustic instrument. To explore this relationship, I made a series of objects that acts as an intermediary in the tactile relationship between you and your computer.

IO 00
Is a “brain” that translates the values coming in from the linked instruments and translates it so the computer can understand what is happening.

IO 01
A digital flute that can be programmed to whatever the user desires.

by Strek Collective & stiankorntvedruud

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