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by 15 noviembre 2012

4creative appointed ManvsMachine to create a cohesive on & off air package for new channel 4seven, that would sit comfortably as part of the Channel4 family.

ManvsMachine worked alongside 4creative to create an on-screen identity which uses a distinctive corner wrap concept across the package. This corner approach creates a visual signature style akin to the Channel4 coming together of the logo, where the viewer is always travelling around a corner from left to right. This holds all the elements together creating a set of idents which result in a logic defying scene, reminiscent of M.C Escher. These idents feature a custom camera technique created by ManvsMachine where regular scenes are given an irregular treatment. It was vital the set retained the Channel4 feeling of everyday locations whilst being very much its own channel.

The graphic elements take the brand into three dimensions with a reactive seven which reflects the amount of ‘buzz’ around programming throughout the day. This is combined with a clever touch of a time intelligent OSP where the channel branding gets darker as the day goes on, all graphics adjust as night sets in and the content changes accordingly.


Design & Creative: ManvsMachine / 4Creative
Creative Director: Chris Wood & Alice Tonge
Director: ManvsMachine – Mike Alderson & Tim Swift
Producer: Louise Oliver
VFX/Post Production: MPC
VFX Creative Director: Jim Radford
VFX Producer: Julie Evans
VFX Supervisors: Chrys Aldred & Tim Civil
Grade: George K
Sound Design: Gavin Little / Echolab

See full project here: manvsmachine.co.uk/projects/project/4seven


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