In The Flessssh — Plink Flojd

by 15 noviembre 2012

Video by Jonathan McCabe, Remix by Jason Forrest.

Jonathan McCabe is interested in the mechanisms of pattern formation in nature, and their emulation for use art and design. He has been investigating the use of Turing patterns for generative art since 2008, with an emphasis on combining pattern forming Turing instabilities at multiple scales to produce almost fractal Turing patterns. He is interested in finding applications for his techniques via collaborations. He lives in Canberra, Australia, and is lucky enough to be working at the National Library of Australia, supporting the collection and preservation of digital works. His parter Kate is very supportive of his art making activities and is constantly bombarded with “Look what I made!”.

He has a website at

Jason Forrest is an electronic musician working in a variety of styles. He is also founder and Creative Director at Network Awesome, an online TV Network, and runs two record labels, Nightshifters (for club music) and Cock Rock Disco (for experimental sounds). He’s a busy guy.

His sample-based music has been a pioneering force in the experimental music community since 1999. His new album, “The Everything” is his 5th full-length album and continues the creative and musical direction of his critically acclaimed 2005 album “Shamelessly Exciting”.

Forrest currently resides in Berlin with his wife Jen Ray. He has released records in the US, UK, EU, and Japan, has played on 5 continents and many, many shows around the world garnering him a large international audience along the way.

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