Tea Set by Tomás Alonso

by 21 noviembre 2012

Ver trabajar el metal con este nivel de perfección es alucinante, encima le “suman” partes en madera y queda simplemente perfecto.

A plain tea service with a fluted pattern on the underside of the set and the upper side of the tray, both interlock with each other. An ensemble that simultaneously combines harmony with wilful originality.” -Tina Thiel

A project commissioned for Passionwege as part of Vienna Design Week 2011. The Passionswege program aims to promote traditional Viennese craftsmanship companies by teaming with different international designers for each addition.

940 Silver
Zebra Wood

Craig Dillon (Photo 1)
Inge Prader

Vienna Design Week

Making Tea Set

by Tomás Alonso

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