The Beast

by 22 noviembre 2012

Tribute to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Evangelion’s Angel originates from the Christianity-based story of a spirit that serves the Creator. The Angels attack humans to take back the right to survive on earth. Appearing in this short film is the Third Angel, SACHIEL, who was the first to attack in 2015. It possesses a strong self-repair ability and wields a retractile lance-shaped weapon. He is to battle EVA Unit 02 according to the grand plan. In the film, the Angel’s look was put together by several well-known fashion designers, with a weapon that acts as an symbolic element.

Chinese traditional fire cupping therapy uses the cup as a tool, and heat to induce suction onto the acupuncture points. By destroying partial micro blood circulation, the therapy facilitates a new energy network to rebuild and renew metabolism to restore health.

In order for EVA Unit 02 to transform into The Beast, the red robot model with four eyes must be disconnected from power and entry plug and abandoned its humanity. Large amounts of pain is inflicted to undergo the process.

This film is a tribute to my favorite masterpiece – Neon Genesis Evangelion!

The soundtrack is provided by New York-based composer and performance artist, Du Yun, and performed by New York City Symphony.

Director and Editor: Lu Yang

Music: Du Yun
Excerpts from Du Yun’s Opera, Zolle 2006. International Contemporary Ensemble, featuring Darren Chase, tenor Excerpts from Du Yun’s chamber music work, by of Lethean. 2007. International Contemporary Ensemble.
Excerpts from Du Yun’s orchestra work, Kraken. (2011), Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Leonard Slatkin

Cast: Li Zhen

Styling (Sachiel Part): Audery Hu

Costumes (Sachiel Part)

Special thanks to: Morden Media

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