by 8 noviembre 2012

Esas maravillosas cosas que no entiendes como se hacen pero te dejan atontado 3 minutos delante de la pantalla.

The idea is very simple : the first line of the video is realtime, the second line is late of 1/60s, the third is late of 2/60s, etc.It’s like a very long rolling shutter.

Lo dicho, ni idea, no lo pillo pero me encanta. Precioso.

it was recorded as a funny pause while working on the performance “Cinematique” (vimeo.com/9234516)… but this short dance is actually not in the show.

It’s made with a custom Quartz Composer plug-in that transform a video stream in a 3D texture.
It can run at 60fps live at lower resolution (512×512)

Music from Beirut

© cie Adrien M

by Adrien M / Claire B

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