Passion Pit . “Carried Away”

by 29 enero 2013

Tiësto “remix” aparte… el vídeo bien, no?

Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada
Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde for Doomsday Entertainment
Producer: Sarah Lawson
Director of Photography: Mishka Kornai aka “The Hustle Muscle”
VFX: Cameron “The Shrimp” Clark
Production Designers: Ck McCall and Tyler Jensen
Edited by Carlos Lopez Estrada and Taylor Brusky
Additional Compositing: Andrew Finch, Sebastian Brown and Paul Santagada
Rotoscoping: Sarah Lawson, Jeremy Fischer, Bill Chrichton and Greg Cotten
Art Director: Maya Levy
Color: Elliot Sellers
Sound: Eric Hoehn
Stunts: Caine Sinclair and Josh Hill

Commissioner: Saul Levitz for Columbia Records

Crew: Greg Cotten, Matthew Gallenstein, JT Bijos, Jared Wennberg, Aman Singh, Daniel Molayem,
Nick Roney, Andreas Attai, Michael Barth, Daniel Molayem, Matthew L. Gallenstein

Cast (in order of appearance):
Alex Bica, Joseph A. Carnegie, Alissa Torvinen, Daniel Molayem, Sarah Lawson, Blair Neighbors,
Alex Kurnow , Ntsikelelo McCall, Cameron Clark, Taylor Brusky, Bipsie Rian, Dani Cong,
Paul Santagada, Sarah Lawson, Zach Wechter, Mishka K.


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