Baden by Giorgia Zanellato

by 14 febrero 2013

Baden is the essential object to land on a new discovered planet. This flask made of ceramic, a material that has been used on earth since the ancient times, preserves well the characteristics of purity and freshness of the water. The cover can be used either as a drinking glass or as a container to store food. It is surrounded by a layer of hand finished leather, with a strong reference to the objects used by our ancestors in nature, in a simple and essential way. Two additional straps allow the object to be worn as a backpack, comfortable and perfect for transporting to new discoveries.

Made for the exhibition “Another Terra_Home Away from Home_Italian Landing_Mission
Venice” curated by Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò. 2012
Exhibited at Venice Biennale 2012.
Photos © Marco Franceschin

by Giorgia Zanellato

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