Seb Lester sketchbook, February 2013

by 27 febrero 2013

Momento relax. Disfrutemos del gustazo de ver a un maestro de la caligrafía con una bonita sonata de fondo. ¿Se puede pedir más? Pues sí. Para empezar que no dure solamente 2 minutos!! Hora, hora y media, me parecería mucho mejor.

BlackLetter was used throughout Europe from about 1150 until the end of the 17th century. One of my current preoccupations is developing a set of modern BlackLetter capitals that are highly legible, in BlackLetter terms, and yet retain the richness and beauty inherent in this ancient category of letterform. From time to time I will film clips like this to record my progress.

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Music by Carlos Márquez,

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