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Con el vídeo me han vendido la camarita pero bailarín + edificio en runas + cámara lenta es un combo siempre muy resultón.

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Jake Oleson and Charles Frank
Featuring Kai Rapelyea
Executive Producer: Gabe Rhodes, Tim Becker
Set Photographer/B-Camera: Owen Schumacher
Music: “Heart Beat” by the Scratch Bandits Crew — scratchbanditscrew.com/

From conception, to principle photography, to post-production, TEMPUS
was completed within 48 hours. With access to an abandoned asylum, a Sony
FS700, and $50, we crafted this short project with only the natural
environment provided to us. Every shot in the film is straight from the
camera with no color grading of any kind. Our goal was to produce an eerie
and unsettling, yet captivating piece with limited resources.

Hope you all enjoy!

vía Jake Oleson

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