Tesler + Mendelovitch

by 27 febrero 2013

Tesler + Mendelovitch y su genial idea de usar un patrón geométrico para darle una propiedad similar a la ropa a un material tan rígido como la madera.

As a textile design and development team, we incubate and create totally original,
never-before-seen materials, transforming them into high quality custom-made
products for industry, art and fashion.

Creating original materials from “the ground up” demands an intensive incubation
period of careful thought, experimentation, research and tremendous effort to
convert our vision into a unified aesthetic, technical and functional product

Our recent work has resulted in the transformation of wood into a new textile.
The texture, properties and appearance of our “wearable wood” series as a simultaneously
delicate, flexible, durable material, we researched the potential of integrating these
opposing elements to form new product identities.

Tesler + Mendelovitch
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