Toca Me 2013

by 28 febrero 2013

Opener for the Toca Me Design Conference 2013.

In his work for the TOCA ME 2013 event in Munich, director Timo Böse
came up with this blend of classic meets modern. Through interrelated
pictorial elements and subtle modulation of intense colours and soothing
sound, he suffused his piece with a vibrant softness. The traditional
Still Life arrangements are enhanced by subtle 3D animations, evoking the
artists associated with the event.

Director: Timo Böse
DoP: Timo Böse
3D: Julio Clavijo, Kay Tennemann, Markus Koos
Compositing: Timo Böse
Rotoscoping: Joana Huguenin
Set Extensions: Joana Huguenin

Produced by Lowerground –

Audio: David Kamp –
Media Support: RED One Mysterium X by OMStudios Berlin –

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