by 14 marzo 2013

Mr. & Mr. con sus preciosos bolsos “Antithesis“, han conseguido saciar un poco mi gran adicción al mimbre.

Ready to go, Antithesis mixes traditional craft skills with contemporary nomadic
techniques to create two versions of a hand bag line that are as traditional and nonconformist
as they are natural and petrochemical.

Working hand in hand with the craftsmen of Marrakech, Mr.&Mr. deviates from the traditional
natural materials commonly used, by creating in contrast, contemporary forms of handbags tailor-made
to the highest standards. The design is self-evident with its rugged material made from palm leaves
and its smooth leather, derived from calves. The clash between a French fantasised vision and the
realism of the North-African expertise is another characteristic feature. Be it a lunch box, a pouch
or a piece of carry-on luggage, Antithesis is all about being on the move.

Through Antithesis, we embrace our contradictions between the desire for a better world and individual
comfort. Antithesis brings two territories closer together with the subtle interplay of traditional
techniques and a new aesthetic style. In maintaining the sacredness of each gesture, the two designers
propose to displace traditions.

The watchwords for the Antithesis line are handmade and design, whether it is the soft version, in
camel and natural, or the hard, so-called luxury version decorated with gaffer tape, that is, petrochemical and black.

Text & photos by Mr. & Mr.

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