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El primer corto del gran David OReilly. Su frase “Not selected in over 50 film festivals & loser of many awards.” me ha roto el corazón. ¡¡Pero si es una loca obra de arte!!

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RGB XYZ was my first short film. I started it back in 2004 and finished it in 2007 between other stuff. I released parts of it online under the (stupid) name Chuck C. Clint III. A few people might remember that Cartoon Brew covered it back then. A friend entered it to the Berlin Film Festival on my behalf so I took it offline as per the rules. It premiered there in 2008 and won a special mention. This was the first time I had a film in a festival and my mind was blown. Most festivals rejected it but it went on to win around 5 other awards.

Even though parts (all) of this are hard to watch, it was a huge learning experience for me. I established a lot of things that I developed later on, like realtime rendering, mixing ortho & perspective, playing with subtitles, and more broadly trying to bring emotion out of as few polygons as possible. There was an extremely short-run home made DVD of it which is out in the wild.

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David OReilly


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