Oliver Ruuger : Making Umbrellas

by 15 abril 2013

¿Queda claro que no todos los paraguas son iguales? Queda muy claro.

. . .

After honing his craft producing exclusively made-to-order pieces, we are proud to present the very first retail collection from Oliver Ruuger. The collection launches with four distinct umbrellas, commissioned especially for LN-CC.com in a custom range of materials and colourways. Each umbrella is hand crafted in Ruuger’s small, London workshop using many intricate processes in order to execute these bold, premium pieces. Umbrellas are used as traditional, everyday items and have almost been forgotten in design. Oliver Ruuger however, has reintroduced these familiar items as something luxurious and indulgent by using specialist, time consuming techniques and carefully-sourced exotic leathers, woods and metals.

Each umbrella is a worldwide exclusive to LN-CC.com

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