Paweł Fabjański

by 16 abril 2013

Pawel Fabjański is a fashion and advertising photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. In collaboration with LOUS label he created a series of pictures, where books were used as fetish objects. This is Fabjanski’s personal story about reading, intellect and cult to knowledge. Perversely he decided to treat books as fashion accessory which on his pictures became as sexy as high-hills or sensual lingerie.

photographer: Paweł Fabjański (
makeup&hair: Magda Gontarczuk
model: Karolina K/ Model Plus
stylist: Sara Milczarek
stylist’s assistant: Karolina Łosik
photographer’s assistant : Zbyszek Szych
props: Sara Milczarek, Karolina Łosik
retouch: Piotr Karpiński/GRUBA RYBA
special thanks: Zuza Słomińskia, Piotr Bujnowski, Ola Osadzińska

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