“Take me to this place, I want to do the memories”

by 22 abril 2013

by Atfal Ahdath

Take me to this place: I want to do the memories lays out a constellation of forms and reproduction procedures popularized in contemporary photographic studio practices. The work explores and manipulates the techniques that have fashioned a culture of reproducibility and standardization and accelerated the Arab world’s fascination with fame. Portraiture becomes an art of disembodied faces and uprooted sceneries, infinitely reproducible and ultimately unconvincing.

Individual difference dissolves into a visual detritus of mass-produced templates with which one literally does and redoes the memories. The work assembles a set of digitally-deconstructed and rewired images in order to produce memories that are untraceable, disconnected from their temporal coordinates. Memory outside time.

Body doubles and image copies proliferate to give a sense of uneasy aspiration, constructing a factory of fabricated souvenirs in which fantasy does the memory.

Text & Photos via Atfal Ahdath

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