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by 20 mayo 2013

En ARTNAU ya vimos a Job Wouters/Letman creando junto a su hijo una preciosa tipografía (aquí). Ahora le vemos hacer un impresionante mural en el Walker Art Center, mezclando influencias de la caligrafía asiática con un estilo de fuente del oeste, donde con la palabra HOME intenta hacer entender a los visitantes que un museo puede ser algo más que un lugar frío lleno de unos extraños objetos clasificados como arte.

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During his March 2013 visit to Minneapolis to speak as part of the Insights Design Lecture Series, Amsterdam-based artist/designer Job Wouters–better known as Letman–created a hand-painted mural in the Walker lobby. Inspired by his own history in graffiti, as well as influences from Asian calligraphy to cowboy lettering, Wouters spelled out the word “Home” in pink, brown, and green. “I think a museum can be so much more than a place where some well-lit pieces hang and you feel scared and not at ease,” he said, explaining his thinking behind his choice of word. “It’s very important to feel safe and comfortable at a museum, enjoying something beautiful or weird or surprising.”

vía Walker Art Center

Job Wouters/Letman

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