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by 30 mayo 2013

Los “sencillos” zapatos de tacones intercambiables de Youngwon Kim. Lo dicho, muy sencillitos.

The concept of this collection can be referred to the broad notion of postmodernism.

Since postmodernism is too broad as a concept, I have conducted the project with the emphasis on certain characteristics that are opposite to the general idea of formalism.

I am personally interested in designs that go beyond the existing framework and form. By challenging and modifying what is already formalized as a form or a set of rules, I have intended to try and develop a collection of new footwear designs that stretch the boundaries of visual, technical and functional forms.

To an extent to which the original wearable function of footwear is not undermined by the excess of design, I attempt to seek some new possibilities of footwear design and develop the idea consistently.

There are three important points .

The first is development of a component that enables changing heels.

The idea was inspired during the research on fixed gear cycle that can easily change the part of cycle and build up own cycle.
Appropriating this concept of customization in cycle components into footwear, I have identified the heel part, simple, functionally effective parts in footwear, as a potential place for a new customizable component to be installed.

The second is the leather layering technique on upper part. By multi layering of leather and modifying the thickness of leather shoes in that way, a new visual form can be discovered.

The last is the experiment of a new material for heel and colour.

The outcome of this collection is aimed to show a new form of footwear that is hard to be conceived in the industry. This is geared to illustrate some new possibilities and directions, at the same time, interact with the current trend without ruling out the functional aspect of footwear. In this I intend to build a collection of designs with realistic touch, which will feed new ideas into the industry and communicate with the customers through design. Moreover, living in the era of post-postmodernism with a number of much cherished and memorable designs, it is my personal aim to design one that will last through time with its beauty intact.

Youngwon Kim

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