BILIK room divider & BUBU bench

by 15 julio 2013

The BILIK room divider and BUBU bench are hand-crafted in West Java, Indonesia, by skilled artisans.

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BILIK room divider

Weaving craft, to display, to grow out, to evolve, to embed. BILIK is a room divider that showcases the usage of weaving to build tools and construct containers, emerging and growing from two-dimensions into the third.

The result is a complex beautiful object that highlights the value of this rattan weaving craft, typical to South-East Asia. Functionally, BILIK provides two panels of various-sized pockets, to store and display daily possessions from iPad’s, mobile phones, wallets, keys and sunglasses to throws, cardigans, your favourite books and periodicals, and everything in between.

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BUBU bench

BUBU is a rattan bench that actively reacts to its user’s body weight when sitting upon it, allowing him to experience the craft and flexibility of the material.

This is in reaction to the copious structural elements in rattan furniture for stability, in turn defining its voluminous aesthetic. Lanzavecchia + Wai lets the material speak by minimizing support components, allowing the bench to express its playfulness. This is further encouraged by the various sitting positions one can adopt, from lengthwise to riding it like a horse.

Finding beauty in a daily tool, Bubu is inspired by its namesake, an Indonesian fish-trap. The iconic shape, recalling a huge fish, is elevated on a plinth-like metal support structure, rendering it a sculptural element.

by Lanzavecchia + Wai

Photography © Daniel Peh K.L.

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