Marble Bookmark

by 27 septiembre 2013

This marble edition is everything a bookmark is not: heavy to lift, difficult to carry, bigger than the book itself – and stunning to look at. As a result of this counter-intuitive approach, Marble Bookmark radically changes the book as an object, making it an active part of the surrounding space, almost an object of veneration on its rocking altar. The pieces are cut from a block of Greek marble personally selected by Paul Cocksedge.

MANUFACTURER: Paul Cocksedge Studio
DIMENSIONS (TABLE): L 300 x W 115 x H 275 mm
DIMENSIONS (FLOOR): L 300 x W 220 x H 1000 mm
MATERIAL: Pentelic marble
NET WEIGHT (TABLE): 15 kilograms
NET WEIGHT (FLOOR): 93 kilograms

Paul Cocksedge

Posted by 27 septiembre 2013 Decoración mármol