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by 15 octubre 2013

A series of 4 objects, in porcelain and wood. Created partly at the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, France.

The Ageless Objects series defines a new typology of objects more timeless and emotional, playing both on an archaïc and technologic identity. Inspired by the several properties of porcelain both very sensual and technical , they bring a kind of gentleness to everyday life ; a way to reinterpret household products into high regard and high quality objects.

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Blurring the bounderies between craftsmanship and industry, this series was developed with a great attention to the materials and the way the products are used, through a softer gesture.

Each material was chosen for its functionnal qualities and their tactile potential. Porcelain is highlighted through its different qualities (translucence, tone, visual and tactile smoothness, strength, electric resistance), as well as wood and gold enamel, which is used for its electric conductivity. Gold is not only used as a decorative element but also as a functional one. Indeed gold enamel can play different roles and, depending on a matt or glossy polishing, be an excellent conductor or act as a potentiometer.

Each object plays on a gesture closer to the product and to material, in order to define a more sensible link. Indeed the gesture is one of the essential aspects that determines the use of an object and the nature of this link.

Questioning durability and technical sophistication of such products, the Ageless Objects are a more poetical answer to this daily rituals ; a discretion to discover and tame.

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