by 25 octubre 2013

Staycation is a home collection by artist/designers Will Bryant and Eric Trine.

Riffing on the notes from theirAlley-Oop collaboration earlier this year,  Bryant and Trine have produced a series of pieces that are explicitly useful. Whereas, the objects created in Alley-Oop could be used for something, these objects exist as specific things—a chair, a lamp, a coaster, etc…

In true Bryant and Trine fashion, they have turned this project into a game of bumper bowling, using these constraints to bounce off each other—creating ever more interesting ways to knock those pins down. The shortest distance between two points may in fact be in a line, but where’s the fun in that?

The feature piece of the collection is the Staycation Lounge Chair, edition of 5. The concept derives from the transitioning season—bringing outdoor furniture inside and all the summer vibes that came with them. Each chair has a tonal reversible high density foam cushion that rests on an autumn white powder-coated steel frame. Hand silkscreened and upholstered with autumn white piping. The rest of the collection is rounded out with a leather sling side table, multi-functional stools, canvas print wall hangings, leather dyed coasters, and a leather dyed snack bowl with a cylindrical tube pedestal.

Eric Trine and Will Bryant

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