Lamberto Teotino

by 21 noviembre 2013

Espectacular obra la del artista italiano Lamberto Teotino.

Lamberto Teotino

Por cierto, mañana se inaugura su exposición en Nápoles.

Dino Morra arte contemporanea
Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 6, Napoli

22.11.2013 – 15.02.2014
a cura di / curated by Chiara Pirozzi

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EP, abbreviation of Extended Play, is the name used to define a short album in discography, including from four to seven tracks, more than a single but not long enough to be qualified as studio album. In music the EP is a collection of the author. In general it can contain unreleased tracks that will be included in the following album or that have been discarded by the record label of the artist.

From this influence Lamberto Teotino chooses to present five new works in the spaces of the gallery, belonging to five different projects, realized by the artist in the last years. Connected to one another by a research starting from the analysis of the photograph archives, the works are individual tracks of experience, whose investigation is deepened by means of the stratification of technical, psychological, linguistic and scientific conditionings.
In Wormhole (2012-2013) the photographic image of a landscape becomes fleeing matter, absorbed in a space-time tunnel; in the work Sistema di riferimento monodimensionale (2011-2013), an unreleased part of the namesake project of the 2011, the Cartesian criterion is investigated, through the slip of a one-dimensional axis along the image.

Manifestly digital artifices are a pretext for Lamberto Teotino to create uncertain contexts, at the limit of the perceptive mistakes of paranormal experiences. With the two works The image of what we are prevails over what we are (2012) and L’ultimo Dio (2012-2013), the artist focuses on the self-awareness in relation to one’s status quo, to the consciousness and to the self-consciousness. The covered faces are denied to people’s sight, in order to analyse the typical decoupling of the identity, predictable in the personality of great sportive champions. Finally, with the work Mr and Mrs Smithee (2013), Lamberto Teotino highlights the topic of the conjugal separation and of the psychological parting in the couple, simultaneously through the narration with images, the digital alteration and the linguistic game.
EP is a heterogeneous project, in which the observation, the perception and the sensation represent elements of a new interpretation of the archive image; it’s a narration always waiting for a different psychic and physical balance of the individual.

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