EARTHQUAKE 5.9 collection by Patricia Urquiola

by 28 noviembre 2013

The new Earthquake 5.9 collection recalls the Emilia earthquake of May 2012 that affected many businesses in the area, including ours. It’s a collection of furnishing items and coverings in marble and onyx, created using hundreds of fragments of ‘quake-struck’ slabs to create something beautiful, to inject life back into something that had been totally destroyed in the space of a few seconds.

Patricia Urquiola chooses wood for the structure of the stand, a warm and welcoming material, resistant and anti-seismic, as if to safeguard the company and its rich array of stones through a strong and protective shelter. Inside the stand, the Earthquake 5.9 project proceeds into a secret room where fragments of marble ‘rescued’ from the slabs damaged by the earthquake cover an entire wall that Patricia Urquiola transforms into an exclusive artistic inlay with her creative generosity.

by Patricia Urquiola for Budri


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