The Importance of the Obvious by Matthias Borowski

by 29 noviembre 2013

A closer look at the characteristics of materials by Matthias Borowski.

“Every material has a variety of qualities, some of which are entirely unique. The qualities of the materials, which are chosen by the designer, will have an impact on the design process. But just how much of an impact?

This project looks at the dormant potential of materials, and how it could be put to use. First I’ve taken a close look at food, which, although itself a material, requires entirely different and often unique or experimental preparation methods. I’ve also investigated the role of the chef. Both were used as a source of inspiration, and also as a basis for my analysis.

Attracted by the material characteristics of candies, I translated their colours, textures, layering, and expressions into designs.”

Matthias Borowski

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