Vilfred Desk by Kristina Kjær

by 18 diciembre 2013

Vilfred” is a small and flexible writing desk  designed by Kristina Kjær. The idea behind “Vilfred” is to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. To create an alternative workplace that form a room within a room, where there is room for both reflection and creativity.

“Vilfred’s” idiom is inspired by the classic writing desk. The clean lines and the integrated shielding, in the form of a
“house” on top of the table top, gives the desk a contemporary expression. I have worked with the meeting between
the traditional and familiar in contrast to the modern and surprising. “Vilfred” has integrated functional elements,
such as storage for pens and paper, and a 15 inch laptop.

Kristina Kjær

vía Moco Loco

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